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Management Style

First Direct Lending recruits experienced talent from around the country to lead our All-Star Team because we know it takes the best to lead the best. First-rate people hire first-rate people.

We can't ask the First Direct team to be fast, efficient and customer-oriented if we're not willing to offer them our whole-hearted support. So that's what we do. First Direct managers don't hide out in their offices. They can be found at different desks, all day, doing whatever is necessary to help our employees and customers succeed. We call it Blue Collar Management, meaning we're not afraid to do the real work to be successful. Don't be surprised if our CEO or vice presidents get involved in your loan process if they're needed.

We're a team – solving problems, adapting systems to be more efficient and working together. It makes work more enjoyable for us, and the mortgage loan process a lot easier for you.

"How do we affect everyone in the organization to do more, to be even better, do more than they think they can do, to grow? Everybody can do a job, but can everybody grow? I think that's what executive managers are here to do. Our environment, our culture, our coaching is all about bringing in good people, coaching them the right way, keeping them enthusiastic. If we're doing all of those things correctly, our customers are going to feel it – they can feel that enthusiasm, they can feel that excitement. They can feel that dedication to care."
Ryan Herman, Founder & Co-CEO

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