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Rating: 5 out of 5 First Direct Lending

I contacted FDL to get information relative to a mailer I received. Just talking with the loan officer, who was extremely helpful, our conversation moved so smoothly with such intelligent answers that before the end of my call I requested a mortgage. What followed was a series of emails, more explanations, and very helpful hand holding, I completed the application, submitted necessary documents, and got feed back. Best and easiest people to work with.


Am I Eligible to Buy a Home?

Every single customer we work with at First Direct Lending comes to us with a different situation. The same mortgage doesn’t work for everyone – our customers have different needs, varying credit histories, and a wide variety of life situations.

That’s why our Mortgage Specialists are well-trained and know the mortgage industry inside and out. They walk you through the process, and then find the right mortgage for you!

First Direct hates jargon, avoids confusion, and focuses on making your mortgage process easy. . .

And fast. You shouldn’t have to sit by the phone for days waiting to find out if you’re eligible to buy a home. We’ll get you an answer:

  • The average time spent on the phone is less than 5 minutes. Really!
  • A Real Approval takes fewer than 2 hours.
  • Final Approval from underwriters takes less than 24 hours.
  • 54% of our loans are funded in fewer than 25 days and 71% in fewer than 30 days. (Our fastest loan was done in 8 days!)
Call Us Today: 1-855-510-EASY