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A few years ago I bought my first home - a condo. Thankfully I bought at a time when the market was great (2012). Anyway, I received a notice in the mail from First Direct Lending and thought I would give it a whirl as the mail said it could save me money. Enter my Loan Consultant! He was wonderful! He held my hand through the entire process and made what could be a very long and confusing process a piece of cake! So easy in fact that I decided to work with him and his team a second time! This time I got the pleasure of working his new team! They are just as wonderful. I serioulsy will take them all for drinks next time I am in their area. Work with First Direct Lending, you will not regret it!


Free of Fees Affordable Purchase Program

First Direct Lending created the Free of Fees* Affordable Purchase Program as a path to home ownership for individuals that may have consumer credit challenges or have been negatively impacted by the housing crisis (e.g., foreclosure or bankruptcy).

Borrowers with distressed credit typically are viewed as “higher risk” and, therefore, given high-interest rates on auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, and more. We’re dedicated to helping you finance your mortgage loan the right way with a low rate and payment that you can afford.

A Free of Fees* Affordable Purchase Can Change Your Financial Picture:

  • STEP 1: Your purchase mortgage loan can be funded in as little time as 8-days.
  • STEP 2: After 3-6 months of on-time payments, you’ll see your credit score increase.**
  • STEP 3: After 6-months of on-time payments, and with your new, stronger creditworthiness we can apply your Free of Fees Refinance and get you into an even lower fixed-rate mortgage with lower payments and even more savings. All FREE OF FEES!*

Find Out Fast If You Qualify: Our Product Placement Specialists will either deliver immediate approval or determine when you will become eligible, and we’ll follow up with you accordingly. Once approved, the purchase process typically takes 30 days to complete. After making 6 payments, the majority of program participants move into better credit tiers, qualifying for an even better mortgage with lower payments.

The “Free of Fees” programs is pretty simple. If you’ve obtained a loan with us before, are in the same property and made a number of payments, First Direct Lending, LLC will waive its lender fees!

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