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Overall, excellent experience! My Loan Consultant is amazing! He's efficient, friendly, has a sense of humor, and does his job exponentially well at the same time. I had questions (lots of them), and he had answers I could actually understand. I'm learning more about the financing process now than I did when I first bought my house! Thank you First Direct Lending! You're making this process a breeze.


Buying a Second Home

Whether it’s a small cabin in the woods, a perfect beachfront estate, or a townhouse close to the grandchildren, owning a second home can be a reality when you work with First Direct Lending.

You bring the questions, and we’ll bring direct, simple answers that will help you along the way to owning a second home.

  • How will a second home affect your finances?
  • If I choose to rent my vacation home, can it provide ongoing income to offset my expenses?
  • Are there tax benefits of which I can take advantage? There may be! Ask your tax expert!

First Direct Lending is the most direct route to a full, firm approval upfront to give you purchasing power for your second home.

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